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Month: May 2007

Goetzmann redux

Attempt to write about the project, it’s origins, it’s status and it’s future use/development. I need to have a formal write up to present to CMI and Web Team. I just want to get everything down. Financial Bonds Virtual Museum William Goetzmann and Geerart Rouwenhurst Origins of the project Goetzmann’s…

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On first glance this is a web based editing interface that works like Contribute. It uses the Template Editable regions that one creates in a DW template based site and allows for editing of the flat files on the server. It uses the Innovastudio wysiwyg editor. It’s about $66 USD…

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Folder synch

This is useful if you have a series of nested folders where you have image files already categorized. The folder name and the filenames will be imported into the keyword field. 1. If there is no other copy of the nested folder structure and filenames, create a copy of the…

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