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Video Tutorials with Snapz Pro

I’ve begun to assemble short iMovie tutorials using a program called Snapz Pro. It essentially allows you to make a movie of whatever you’re doing on your desktop. The basic idea is to have a short, 1- or 2-minute long video of a function (capturing or exporting, for example), along with a narration describing what’s going on. A sample video is attached at the end of this entry.

It turns out that you can insert something analogous to chapter markers into Quicktime movies, so it might be interesting to design a lengthy tutorial about all of iMovie’s features, but allow users to skip to the sections they care about using the chapter points.

It also seems possible to add interactive URLs to Quicktime movies using HREF tracks. I’ve been experimenting with no success. Eventually, though, it should be possible to link an audiovisual tutorial to its textual counterpart on the ITG website.

More on how to do all of this later on — once I figure it all out!

Recording a Voiceover

More WordPress Notes

After working with Seth we’ve discovered a number of other recommendations.

  • Add the audit trail plugin so a prof can know if a student has changed a post and what the changes were.
  • Update the index.php, single.php and archive.php with the following code to pull in time stamp and author at the top of a post:
    • “<small><?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?> by <?php the_author() ?></small>”
  • Seth wants the blog to send email to users when a new post has gone up
  • We also need to formalize how to restrict access by the general public

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New Applescripts

This post is primarily for Pam, but also for anyone else who may need this information.

There are now three applescripts in the Droplets folder on Optimus.

“Export to QuickTime Movie” –Drop a file or files, choose an export preset (there are a few in the Export Settings folder, or you can create your own), select a destination folder and you will get a QT movie with a .mov extension

“Amplitude” –Soundtrack Pro droplet that will dramatically increase the aplitude level on a given audio/video file (for those with an exceptionally low volume)

“Normalize” –Soundtrack Pro droplet that will apply a generic normalization filter of about 3.055 for analog and other sources captured in iMovie or Final Cut.

*NB: I have run some very short tests on these, and they seem to be in full working order. But I haven’t compensated for every possible scenario. So please do report back to me if you are having any trouble with these or other QT exports.