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Month: October 2007


From my days as an amateur short film-maker, I frequently used a program called Audacity to create sound files for foley, voice-over, or any number of other applications involving live sound. For voice-overs Anthony has already created a really nifty utility which makes Audacity unnecessary for that application. However, the…

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Beta is about to end, ready to go into full release. Can create plugins to get custom databases inter-operable. Beta of Zotero Server should be available around January. Will be able to share collections. Will be groups in macro and micro disciplines, official groups. Server software will be open source…

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Doris Kearns Goodwin

Lincoln’s leadership qualities – seems we have superficial markers for who’s the successful candidate. We should be looking at leadership styles. 1. Capacity to listen to different points of view created climate where people felt free to disagree. 2. Ability to learn on job – acknowledge failures and respond to…

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Rob Nelson Portfolio Project Outline – rough

Process by which current digital images are entered and cataloged into portfolio Workflow for digital images newly created by Rob are brought into portfolio and entered – must include a photoshop droplet that resizes images nested folders keep or not keep – current catalog has fields that keep track of…

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