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Month: November 2007

Snapz Pro X

Over the past week and a half I’ve been experimenting extensively with the Snapz Pro X application. My ultimate goal was to create a video document to instruct WordPress users on how to embed Quicktime files into WordPress. However, during this process I encountered some difficulties with using Snapz Pro…

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.dv to .wmv conversion

Having recently completed a project that involved using Flip4Mac to convert digital video clips (.dv) into Windows Movie Player files – I found that the following settings resulted in the best, most manageable files. 1. Choose the “Share” menu, and go down to the bottom of the menu and click…

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Snapz Pro X Experiment

Exporting TutorialI spent today attempting to make some Snapz Pro X tutorials – and this is the outcome. I couldn’t figure out how to make nifty pictures and titles pop up like Anthony’s, but I recorded a voiceover with the built-in utility in Snapz Pro X. A note on trying…

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