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Month: December 2007

More Wow

Dan Cederholm Bulletproof web design Good design is about knowing which details to focus on. Cederholms top four areas are color/texture, typography, favicons (! – emphasis is mine) and microformats (something I had never heard of before, why?). 1. Color has emotional attachments. Good resources for picking colors include…

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Selling Design

Jeffrey Zeldman publisher of A List Apart and called the father of modern web design My take on the talk: The opening speaker for the conference talks about what it means to be a web designer, how we should approach the client and our responsibility to demystify the world…

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Intuitive Design

Jared Spool founding principal of User Interface Engineering ( Design is not intuitive, people are intuitive, good design means that a user will intuit how to use the site right away and will not perceive that training is necessary. Intuition is intuitive based on the users knowledge and experience. Design…

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Ken Burns Nightmare

We just had a long, arduous fix-it session here at FSC dealing with the clip-capture station. The problem was as follows: When attempting to import a jpeg into iMovie from iPhoto so as to use it in a project, iMovie usually adds an effect called “Ken Burns effect,” this effect,…

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Toast Titanium

Down at FSC we have a program called Toast Titanium. I was not previously aware of this until adrian mentioned it to me yesterday. The program makes really easy copies of discs from CD to DVD and I think even Blu-ray. We’ve been using it for a project we are…

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