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Month: January 2008

Second Life at ELI 08

Lots of Sl discussion at ELI 08, with no surprising new themes emerging. Many schools are experimenting, but facing the challenges of both the technology and the effective integration into a course/curriculum. Several groups are encouraging LindenLabs to provide some hooks into local autentication/authoriation systems. Until that happens, we’ll be…

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Tame The Web, Irreverent

From this really great site… “….hire the best people for the job. Train and empower them to provide the best customer service they can provide. Establish procedures and guidelines, including “these procedures and guidelines have been made to be broken or bent.” Hire people who are kind and compassionate. Hire…

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Classes*V2 Blogger tool

I’m playing around with it and my first impression is that it feels clinical. That’s more of a feeling about Sakai in general, though. In terms of functionality it has some interesting features. It has a keywords field where you can add multiple tags by separating them with commas. Unfortunately,…

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iMovie fade-out issue

Yet another imovie bug – once again caused by emptying the project trash. Thus, as a starter I will say that one should just refrain from emptying the imovie trash while doing a project unless you are absolutely sure what you are getting rid of. The current bug involves using…

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