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Classes*V2 Blogger tool

I’m playing around with it and my first impression is that it feels clinical. That’s more of a feeling about Sakai in general, though. In terms of functionality it has some interesting features.

It has a keywords field where you can add multiple tags by separating them with commas. Unfortunately, these keywords aren’t saved anywhere for folks to easily apply a shared set of keywords to posts. So you don’t get that nice consistency of categories you see with other blog software.

One nice thing is that there is an Access option which can be set to Private or Site. It’s a little annoying that it’s set to Private by default, but I can see why. There’s also a place where Read Only is checked. I wonder if this isn’t checked, can anyone edit your post? Also you have to check a box to Allow Comments. It’s nice that it’s configurable, but it would be nicer if the default was that it was checked so you didn’t have to do it every time.

I added a pic in the Images tab. When I did this, before clicking the Images tab, I had text in the wysiwyg editor. After uploading the image, my text was wiped out. The image showed up in a Current Structure field underneath the editor. I tried dragging it up into the text editor to add it to the post. This added a standard broken image link icon rather than the pic.

The wysiwyg editor is odd in that there is an add to document button and a save button. It’s not obvious if you need to add first before saving or what. You find if you try to save before adding that you do. The weird thing is that when you add to document, it puts it down at the bottom as new element. So the body of a post is the collection of elements at the bottom and not entirely what you see in the wysiwyg editor. This isn’t very intuitive.

The kicker though, is that when I saved my post, it didn’t show up. I’m stumped for now.

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