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Month: February 2008


In the process of researching interactive timelines, digital asset delivery methods, visualization, etc., I came across an intriguing new tool from the Center for History and New Media (the folks responsible for Zotero). It’s called Omeka. Although designed primarily for museums and archival collections, I think it has some interesting…

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TWTT – Social Bookmarking

Emily Horning gave an introduction to social bookmarking. Demonstrating, she pointed out misspellings and tag inconsistency. She showed and demonstrated PennTags, but didn’t explain what distinguishes it from other social bookmarking sites. Jen Pollock from the Yale Center for British Art then showed a project she’s working…

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YouTube Capture

buckley.movPam was brainstorming last week about the best way to capture a movie that a professor might want off of YouTube. She had done some time and effort-intensive captures, but the suggestion came up (not from me) that it might be a good deal easier to simply use Snapz Pro…

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DV capture

Anthony basically dared me to write a snarky post about some issues we had with capturing DV tapes down at FSC. So here goes… When capturing DV tapes at FSC, there is a nice incorporated-looking DV deck right in the rack, and the switcher allows one to select it for…

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AppleTV Roundup

This post is long overdue, but I think it’s finally time to evaluate where we stand on this project. Beginning last term, I ran a series of mods on the AppleTV in the ITG main office, some of them relatively simple, others significantly more complex. The most important breakthrough was…

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