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Month: March 2008

Timeline Progress

After spending a few weeks working on a way to streamline and simplify the data entry and delivery methods for Similie Timeline, I’ve discovered that someone else has already tackled this issue. So, long story short, we now have a fully operational javascript event xml generator that can be integrated…

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Found this FLV converter on the web, there are two versions. There is a web based version and an application client which I just downloaded for my Mac, there is one for Windows as well. It has a text box to put in the url of the video and then…

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NERCOMP Tablet session

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes with Tablet PCs by folks from Vassar. Used HP field-ready tablets with USB GPS devices as a mobile mapping lab. I was glad to hear that they were fairly low specced at 512mb of RAM, but were still ArchGIS just fine. For one example they had…

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The Future of the Library

At this Nercomp pre-conference session, a group from Brandeis is describing how their merged library/IT organization is adapting to meet upcoming challenges. See also the official blog for this session. “The world churns out new digital information equivalent to the entire collection of the US Library of Congress every 15…

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Digital Ink in the Classroom

We started with an interesting request from a faculty member who, in teaching a large lecture course, projects PowerPoint onto two lateral displays, and uses the large central (vertically stackable) blackboards to draw equations. Important aspects of the teaching style include (a) using PowerPoint to present central ideas, and (b) drawing on the blackboard to linearize the presentation of complex equations, derivations, etc. The blackboard method is important, since he can cover up to 6 separate boards with information, and refer back to previous boards and relate this “live” information to that currently displayed in PowerPoint.

The Problem

The instructor suffered a shoulder injury that made writing on the blackboard increasingly painful and impractical. He asked us to investigate some solutions that would let him retain the “blackboard experience” while letting him write in a more comfortable posture. We explored several technologies…. Read more Digital Ink in the Classroom

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