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Month: April 2008

Trimming mp3 files

We recently heard from a faculty member who needed to trim an existing mp3 file. The faculty member is using a Mac so our initial reaction was to suggest GarageBand. A little testing revealed that it’s a less than intuitive process to use GarageBand for this purpose. Instead, Yianni and…

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An intriguing new plug-in has just been released that allows researchers to edit and annotate video and audio clips in real time right in Firefox. It’s entitled Vertov, after the famous Soviet filmmaker, and is produced by the Concordia Digital History Lab at Concordia University in Montreal. Vertov is designed…

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ViXY update

In doing a recent project for a professor, I found it necessary to capture several YouTube clips to use in the project – so I thought it due time to test both ViXy and Snapz as tools for capturing such media. Â What I found was the ViXY is certainly…

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