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Month: June 2008

Shareable Metadata

Jen Riley The idea of shareable metadata is slowly taking shape in Library cataloging. My connection wiht Matthew Beacom on the metadata team led me to this lecture. It was a broad overview on how the Univ. of Indiana library is approaching adding metadata to digital and…

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The True Demise of Web 2.0

Essentially what gave birth to the second generation of web development was a suite of new tools and applications which made it possible and expedient for a class of web enthusiasts to project their personalities, skills, and ideas into the global, virtual sphere. Among these tools were the creation of…

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I set up the ITG-TimeCapsule on Friday, so I decided to post the screen capture demos here that I made with Jing. I explain how to join the wireless network, connect to the printer (Dewback), and configure TimeMachine to back-up to the TimeCapsule. The screen captures are as follows: How…

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Jing(le) All The Way

I found this really neat utility called Jing ( that allows users to either capture screen shots or record a video (of your screen) and then upload the file to a server, including Flickr (the files can also be saved locally). I think this would be a great tool to…

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Metadata Hoedown

First of all, I think Ryan’s observations below are absolutely correct. I blogged a little bit about this issue a year ago, when trying to figure out how to intelligently parse wmv (asf) files for descriptor data. (“Meta-Headache, or dealing with metadata in various media wrappers”) If you’re on a…

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Metadata and Movies

Per the request of a faculty member, we have been looking into ways in which one might be able to embed metadata into a given movie, and view that same metadata without having to have an extra program, or opening Quicktime Pro. The benefit of such a process would be…

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I have recently been working on some help documentation for the new version of WordPress (to which I realize this site is not yet updated) – and have posted the pages to the ITG blog. You can find them right at the top of the blog sidebar. Now, being predominantly…

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