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Month: July 2008

YouTube Fix-up

Recently, doing the same project that I previously blogged about I was also asked to grab a movie off of YouTube (one banned in Cuba and only available through that medium). The quality of YouTube videos obviously is largely based on the slightly archaic codecs used by the YouTube interface…

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DivX Madness

Working on the video blog for Mary Barr’s “Race in the American Community” class this summer, we ran into the problem of how to easily embed and play the students’ interviews within a web browser. One option was to use a standard Quicktime embed. Since the videos are directly coded as DivX .avis (actually Xvid with mpeg 2 audio – but I’ll spare you the esoteric details) right out of the camcorder, this would require mac users to download a third party codec suite (such as Perian) to play them. QT for Windows doesn’t really support playback of DivX .avis, so we would have to embed with Windows Media Player for PC users. Unfortunately, though, to make matters worse, WMP has embedding issues – it’s difficult to change the size of the player window or scale the movie properly. So, ultimately, we decided to just embed the videos as hyperlinks, where they would open up in a new window and either download or play in the user’s media player of choice. As a compromise, it was not a bad solution. But some videos were large, took a long time to progressively load before playing, and could not be integrated into the overall aesthetic feel of the blog.

It occurs to me (now that the class is over) that another solution would be to use the DivX web player, a relatively new cross-platform plugin that allows you to embed high quality .avi encodes on websites. I took one of the larger (152 MB) student-generated videos from Mary’s class and embeded it below using the web player. Let’s see how it turned out…

No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

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Video test

Creating a Post This is just a little test from Screenflow, a pretty cool program that allows for screen capture on Macs. I made a tutorial for posting on WordPress, similar to my previous help pages. A major plus of this program is the ability to do “callouts,” which are…

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Compressor 3

I recently completed another tutorial (see the previous post on DVD Studio Pro for more details on, this time dealing with Compressor 3, an application that comes with FCP, and can be used to compress video files into a variety of formats. All in all, Compressor is another…

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Ok, no more hijinx – thanks to Joe. An update on the Cold War materials; we figured out how to embed the clips from the Cold War documentary on Classes V2. This discovery has made many of us very joyous, as it will not require the time and effort necessary…

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Citation Meeting – Bass Library – July 2, 2008

In Attendance: Pam Patterson – ITG Ioannis Yessios – ITG Matthew Regan – ITG Andy Shimp – Engineering and Applied Science Library Kalee Sprague – Library Technology Services Purpose: To consult with library technology specialists in regards for collaborative citation solutions, especially for faculty and students. Notes: The meetings started…

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More .flv hijinx

Recently, with the advent of a standalone .flv encoder and a better codec for encoding flash video (On2 VP6), we at ITG decided to try and take some videos on the Cold War that currently reside in .rm and .mov containers and move them to the .flv format. Firstly, .flv…

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