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Month: April 2009

Howard Besser on Copyright

Yesterday Pam Patterson and I attended a talk on Copyright issues at Sterling Memorial Library given by Howard Besser, Professor of Cinema Studies and Director of New York University’s Moving Image Archiving & Preservation Program. The talk was very comprehensive. Professor Besser did an excellent job of examining changes to…

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History Bytes: Some Thoughts on the Future of Digital History

Historical scholars are not a group typically associated with cutting-edge technology. Many of the historians I know are not particularly eager (or even interested) to embrace the latest innovations in digital research and pedagogy. But, especially as older historians pass their batons to a younger generation of “digital natives,” this…

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Tonido WebShare

In the digital world, the greatest problem facing users is the lack of security and privacy online services provide, as personal information is often stowed away on servers thousands of miles away by people we have never met. The challenge then, when one is looking to store or share confidential…

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Tablet PC Review

Over the past two weeks, I have been playing with a Dell Latitude XT PC tablet that we have in the office. This particular model was Dell’s first venture into the PC tablet market and I was asked to explore the various annotative and interactive capabilities it had to offer.…

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