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Month: April 2011

Divine Blogging

Professor Giuseppe Mazzotta’s course, ITAL310: Dante in Translation. “[attempts] to place Dante’s work in the intellectual and social context of the late Middle Ages by relating literature to philosophical, theological, and political concerns.” Carol Chiodo, Ph.D. candidate in Italian, led a section for the course. She decided to use a…

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War and the Environment

The War and the Environment teaching and research site went live this semester! This ITG project was spearheaded by Bruno Cabanes, an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Yale and specialist of post-war transitions in the twentieth century, and Gene Tempest, a doctoral candidate in the Department of…

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Elihu Rubin,¬† Assistant Professor of Architecture and Political Science, and his students have been creating a New Haven building archive. His current course, “Urban Research and Representation” explores the utility of research and¬†representation techniques and presents that work as a multi-media group exhibition in the form of¬† an interactive web-map…

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