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Elihu Rubin,  Assistant Professor of Architecture and Political Science, and his students have been creating a New Haven building archive. His current course, “Urban Research and Representation” explores the utility of research and representation techniques and presents that work as a multi-media group exhibition in the form of  an interactive web-map of historic New Haven architecture, organizing five years worth of research by both graduate and undergraduate students. Professor Rubin’s students have been collecting New Haven building data since 2007.

The current website allows students to capture their drift in a particular neighborhood through images, maps, prose and other ephemera. Students enter data about a building such as original tenant and purpose, architect, year built, and architectural style. This listing of a particular building is added dynamically to a Google map of the area. This ongoing data collection will also include crowd-sourcing, allowing readers in the community to add images, anecdotes and personal histories associated with New Haven architecture. These practices of walking, flânerie, photography, and cinema give students a key role in understanding, participating in and portraying the city.


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