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Large Horizontal Image Presentation

Cross-posted from my project journal site

Since the close of classes in May, I’ve found more time to work on getting into the weeds with my 絵巻物 project and have made some forward motion.

One of my best discoveries has been that Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 will execute the image tiling needed to allow zooming as happens in most of the typical large image presentations that I’ve found online. (For some scroll examples, see my post at Digital Humanities Questions and Answers.) Though I’ve only done it with my proof of concept section of the scroll, it was not a horribly intensive or time-consuming procedure. Strictly speaking, what Adobe has done is to bundle Zoomify capabilities into Photoshop. Using the steps described by Adobe’s help documentation, the output is not only the image tiles for my TIFF, Continue reading

New Seminar Set of iPad 3s

Based on the success of ITG’s iPad pilots in Julie Newman’s EVST 170 course, Bobbi Stuart’s English 116 course, and the WiresCrossed Mobile Tech internship this past academic year, we have added a brand new seminar set of iPad 3s to our mobile technology battalion. What’s more – we now have 2 slick and powerful charging and sync carts, called “iPad Learning Labs,” that will allow us to image and charge up to 30 iPads in one go! The learning lab carts will make it easier than ever to get apps onto multiple iPads. We are proud to announce that we have 2 seminar sets of iPads – one set of iPad 2s and the brand new iPad 3s.

Please consider submitting a proposal to use the iPads in your course this fall! For more information, please see: iPad Course Loans.