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2013-2014 i3 Interns

2013-09-20 09.17.07.jpgJustin White: Justin is in his second year of the MAR program in Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School, and is a first  year graduate technology assistant. Justin has worked on several faculty digital humanities projects, including the Tell Leilan project and Andrew Quintman’s ongoing project titled “Life of the Buddha,” which includes the digital presentation and annotation of the panels at Jonang Monastery in Tibet. Justin has his own ongoing digital humanities projects, which mostly include the digital reproduction and presentation of ancient Near Eastern art. Justin will be beginning a PhD program this fall.

Original photo.jpgAnnie Killian: Ann Killian, a graduate of Yale College, Class of 2011, is now a first-year PhD candidate in the English department. Her research focuses on late-medieval devotional writing, multilingualism and translation praxis. As an i3 intern, she is assisting Prof. Ardis Butterfield in producing a new Norton Anthology of Medieval Lyric. Not only will the project result in a published edition, but it will also provide the foundation for a more expansive online database aimed at promoting the study of medieval lyrics in their manuscript context.


Lauren Tilton: Lauren is a doctoral candidate in American Studies. As an i3 intern, she is designing and building a website for the Digital Humanities Working Group as well as helping to lead DH workshops. She is excited about this wonderful opportunity to add new skills to her DH toolkit.

Abhishek Chandra: Abhishek is a sophomore in Saybrook College, majoring in Computer Science and Economics. Working as a student developer for ITG since the summer of 2013, he has worked on several plugins and themes for and individual sites within it. Besides these, he has also been involved in other ITG projects, such as the New Haven Building Archive and for Professor Quintman’s lecture on the Life of the Buddha. His experience at ITG has allowed him to develop his programming skills, pick up front end languages such as HTML/CSS and PHP, and prepared him for the challenges and responsibilities in a developer environment and workplace.

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