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Author: kjp27

Historian’s Eye

Beginning in 2009 as an effort to capture the historic moment of President Obama’s inauguration in photographs and interviews, Professor Matt Jacobson’s Historian’s Eye project has evolved into a website presenting a collection of 1000+ photographs and an audio archive addressing Obama’s first term in office, the 2008 economic collapse,…

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Trimming mp3 files

We recently heard from a faculty member who needed to trim an existing mp3 file. The faculty member is using a Mac so our initial reaction was to suggest GarageBand. A little testing revealed that it’s a less than intuitive process to use GarageBand for this purpose. Instead, Yianni and…

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NERCOMP Tablet session

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes with Tablet PCs by folks from Vassar. Used HP field-ready tablets with USB GPS devices as a mobile mapping lab. I was glad to hear that they were fairly low specced at 512mb of RAM, but were still ArchGIS just fine. For one example they had…

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TWTT – Social Bookmarking

Emily Horning gave an introduction to social bookmarking. Demonstrating, she pointed out misspellings and tag inconsistency. She showed and demonstrated PennTags, but didn’t explain what distinguishes it from other social bookmarking sites. Jen Pollock from the Yale Center for British Art then showed a project she’s working…

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Classes*V2 Blogger tool

I’m playing around with it and my first impression is that it feels clinical. That’s more of a feeling about Sakai in general, though. In terms of functionality it has some interesting features. It has a keywords field where you can add multiple tags by separating them with commas. Unfortunately,…

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