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Author: rbk27

Flash, H.264, and WebM

I know, another post on WebM – it is just that significant. As more rumblings are heard of, and more beta versions of Firefox 4 are released – the WebM question continues to resurface. Mozilla seems fully intent on including full WebM support in this release, and Opera 10.60+ /…

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Silverlight + Flip4Mac

At a recent meeting of the Clips staff, we were talking about our perpetual issue with streaming video. At the moment, we have been running Sharestream, which has been doing an admirably decent job delivering video content for courses here at Yale using hinted Quicktime video, which unfortunately often takes…

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We at ITG, and specifically we at FSC/Clip Capture have often been stuck with the conundrum of trying to get a DVD, which is not under copyright or in the public domain, made into a full-length QT file. The typical process that we have often resigned ourselves to is similar…

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We have been doing a faculty project down at FSC, one which began as a relatively run-of-the-mill request, but soon turned into a mystery that took some time and effort to solve. The project involved capturing two sets of clips, and burning them on DVDs. The first set was from…

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Compression Cookbook

The library is hosting a “how-to” session on video clips, and asked me for some advice on compression settings. Compression is surely the most finicky part of the video process – and the often obtuse terminology and frighteningly long lists of codecs usually scare most users into choosing a simple…

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More on the EyeTV

Joe posted with regards to a piece of technology known as the Elgato EyeTV about a year ago, and something that he wrote in that post caught my eye – that being “it could be helpful for VHS to DVD transfers (or something along those lines).” I have been doing…

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