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Making WordPress mobile friendly

There are many plugins that make WordPress mobile friendly. Some are mobile device specific, some are for blog admins, and some try to make the blog accessible to viewers using a wide range of mobile devices. The last are plugins that optimize blog content and design to be more accessible on mobile devices, making the WP Blog load faster and easier to read and navigate.

In this last category, two WordPress plugins stand out: WordPress viewMobile and MobilePress. In terms of navigability, load time, and display, these two plugins are the clear leaders.

Note: Plugins that make WP more mobile friendly are developing at a fast pace. A new version of a plugin that wasn’t reviewed here may make it more appealing than the two above in a matter of months. Developers are constantly trying to increase the number of mobile devices their plugins are compatible with and the number of specialized blog functions the mobile version can utilize.

WordPress viewMobile:

viewMobile allows mobile device users to quickly access a simplified but easy to read mobile WordPress interface. By adding the plugin, mobile device users are automatically redirected to the mobile friendly version of the site–there is nothing else that the blog administrator or the mobile device user needs to do.

Mobile device users are able to access Monthly Archives, About, Categories, and Comments on viewMobile’s mobile blog interface. However, there is no option for reverting back to the original blog display, no search function, and no function for administrators accessing the blog on their mobile device. It seems as if each post can be edited.

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Adding Images to Drupal

Once you have Drupal set up on your server, the instructions given by ( are very straightforward for adding images to the site. Furthermore, installation takes about 10 minutes, while configuring the backend should take a bit more time than that. Settings for IMCE allow you to define naming…

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Silverlight + Flip4Mac

At a recent meeting of the Clips staff, we were talking about our perpetual issue with streaming video. At the moment, we have been running Sharestream, which has been doing an admirably decent job delivering video content for courses here at Yale using hinted Quicktime video, which unfortunately often takes…

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Zotero is a web-based software that helps you cite and organize sources while researching online. After downloading the service from the Zotero website, you can begin by opening a web browser. In your web browser, a new icon will appear in the URL box next to the “Favorites” icon. This…

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Foursquare is an online tool that tracks your movements through a city. By connecting you with friends and rewarding you for visiting new places, foursquare attempts to add some fun to being in the city. The first thing a user must do is create a profile on the website. This…

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Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a free, online tool that you can use to build and, uniquely, share a presentation. You start by registering and logging into their website, any google account works. The user interface of Zoho is nearly identical to Powerpoint, with the bulletin of slides on the left and…

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Omni Outline

Omni Outline is advertised as a program that enables you to organize ideas and information, and that’s essentially what it does. The interface for the program is literally an outline, much like it would appear in bullet format in a word processing document. Each heading in the outline can be…

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