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i3 Information for Faculty


Instructional faculty at Yale are making increasing use of digital technologies to create innovative solutions to challenging pedagogical problems.  Yale’s Instructional Innovation Internship (i3) program offer instructors the opportunity to access staff and student resources to help them develop digital teaching resources for integration into their upcoming courses. In turn, it provides Yale students with the opportunity to actively participate in the development of educational materials and resources for the benefit of the Yale community and beyond.

The program expects to support 5-10 projects during the 2014-2015 academic year. We invite faculty who will be teaching courses in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 to submit a proposal to the i3 program as soon as possible.

Nature of the supported projects

Project proposals should be driven by specific pedagogical challenges that might benefit from online or other digital technologies. For example,

  • computer animations to help students visualize complex processes;
  • access to searchable databases of images, audio, or video to enhance student research and study of course-related materials;
  • tools to increase the effectiveness of classroom presentations and interactions in meeting the needs of large lecture courses;
  • interactive multimedia and data visualization tools that could help students study and contextualize complex datasets, texts, or visual materials
  • collaborative workspaces and tools to facilitate group work and communication.

Each summer course project will be supported for up to 35 hours per week for 12 weeks, and may include as many as four interns. Each project will be supervised by a staff member from the Instructional Technology Group, who will bring in resources from Library, Graduate Teaching Center, and others as needed. A firm requirement for any proposal is that the instructor who will be teaching the target course be available over the summer for on-campus project meetings. At the conclusion of their course, instructors are expected to contribute a brief written assessment of the impact their project had on their class.

How to Apply

Project proposals should articulate specific pedagogical challenges in the course that you hope to address using digital course resources. Specific technological solutions need not be specified, since these will be developed in consultation with program staff. Staff from the Instructional Technology Group will contact you following your submission to begin exploring a detailed project plan that describes the pedagogic goals of the project and the things to be created. Feel free to contact for more information or to submit an application.

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