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Spring 2010 Interns and Projects


Marquez Staples is a developer who builds web applications  and tools for professors and their  students. Justus Dyer, is a double-major sophomore in Archeology and Classical Civilazation. They have been working on, an image annotation tool that uses open source web technologies for user input and presentations.


Rewon Child is a sophomore in Pierson College. He has been developing Xunzi, a web-based flashcard tool, helps students learn Chinese characters through a process of sharing of their mnemonic devices.

Coding for Mobile Devices

Nikola Chonkov is a sophomore studying Computer Science. He’s been working on an iPhone app, based on Xunzi, that would help students memorize lessons more effectively (and mobilely).

Graphic Design and Logo Creation

Yusuf Chauhan is a sophomore from Houston, TX. Yusaf just started with i3 this term. He has been working on logos for the Student Tech Service and the Bass Library Media Checkout service.

American Indian Resource Portal

Miriam Posner, PhD Candidate in Film and American Studies, helped design the AIS portal. This Drupal site is edited collaboratively by librarians, curators, faculty and students and features collections and items available in Yale repositories.

Yale Slavery and Abolition Portal

Joseph Yannielli is the primary web designer and i3 intern for the History Dept. The Drupal portal is designed to help researchers and students find primary source material related to slavery, abolition and resistance within the university’s many libraries and galleries. Joe also maintains the i3 digital history blog here.

Departmental Technology support

Simon Swartzman is a senior Literature major. This year, he worked as the Technology Liaison to the English Dept., where he has provided support to the faculty and students in their use of WordPress, PowerPoint, SmartBoards and other instructional technologies.

WordPress Plugins

Jon Gaulding is a web developer who has created a variety of plugins for the WordPress platform. He has developed a help page plugin and a plugin bundler that activates multiple plugins when a blog is created. He is currently working to streamline the creation of personal blogs.


Zeke Miller is a junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Political Science. He’s been an I3 intern since for a year and worked on the Teamspot project before working on Omeka. Omeka is an open-source catalog/web-publishing system developed at George Mason University.

Surveys and Project Management Processes

Andrew Missel is a candidate in the Master of Public Health program. Andrew helped ITG identify possible project management tools through gap analysis. He was also responsible for creating and managing Google surveys for faculty and students who used WordPress blogs in Yale courses.

Creating Spotlight Videos with Final Cut Pro

Anthony Lydgate is a senior and the original i3-er.  He has worked in the Film Study Center Clip Capture service for the last three years. Using interview footage, showcase footage and stills, he has created a Showcase spotlight video using Final Cut Pro.

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