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Summer 2009 Interns and Projects

Ryan Knowles and Laura Ondere work with faculty to incorporate video technology into the classroom experience. Materials used by Prof. Leslie Brisman (ENGL) and Prof. Frank Robinson (PHYS) illustrate how using the video medium can enhance the teaching and learning process through the illustration of specific concepts. Clip interns also worked this summer on the process of capturing and outputting Blu-ray/HD streams in preparation for what is arguably the “next step” in video technology.

Jon Gaulding is a web design and development intern. Jon built a number of web-based tools including a sleek and engaging way for Prof. Carol Armstrong’s (HSAR) students to view the works of art central to The Ten Works of Western Art using a technology called Cooliris. Jon created a WordPress widget that displays help pages on class blogs and coded javascript that facilitates the insertion of flash video into course websites. Jon also designed the logo for a new library tutorial series called “The Yale Library in Two Minutes”. Working with web development intern Marq, Jon helped develop Donatello, an ambitious web-based image annotation tool.

Marquez Staples is a web developer who builds applications and tools for professors and their students. He assisted Yianni Yessios, ITG’s Manager of Web Technologies, in creating the user interface for GalleryPress, a multimedia publishing platform. Marq partnered with Jon to create an image annotation tool called Donatello that uses cutting-edge open source web technologies for presentation and user interaction. When he is not coding, Marq produces historical and conceptual 3D models of classical architecture and history.

Miriam Posner is a web designer who’s been working on a number of faculty members’ websites. Together with Mieko, Miriam put together and coded a website design for an Early Twentieth Century Russian Poetry class for Prof. Rita Lipson. Miriam proposed a design for the American Indian Studies portal for Prof. Alyssa Mt. Pleasant (AMST); designed a banner for Carol Armstrong’s Ten Works of Western Art; and developed a website portal for the study of American material cultural in the Revolutionary Era for Prof. Kariann Yokota (HIST).

Mieko Okamoto is a graphic designer whose summer projects encompassed a logo and T-shirt design for the Instructional Innovation Internship program, the Film Study Center banner for Swank, postcards and posters for the CLC’s Teaching w/ Technology Tuesdays, and designs for the American Indian Studies Portal, the Modernism Lab, Instructional Technology Group, and Professor Rita Lipson’s (RUSS) Early Twentieth Century Poetry websites.

Ariel Borensztein is a technology intern who is working on a course website for Prof. Erik Harms (ANTH). In addition to designing and developing the website, “Modern Southeast Asia,” he has been exploring ways to enhance class lectures and add interactivity to the website using Google Earth software and related technologies. Ariel has worked on integrating Google Earth into the classroom using technologies such as ITG’s newly acquired “iTable” touch-screen interface, and using the Google Earth platform to make class lectures and digital materials available for students.

Marian Homans-Turnbull used Extensis Portfolio, a digital asset management tool, to organize photos and field notes from Prof. Harvey Weiss (ARCH). The materials from the Leilan dig in Syria will be integrated into an interactive map using the ESRI ArcGIS suite of programs for managing geodata. The gallery-based prototype will provide students with the information they need to analyze grain production in the five-thousand-year-old colonial outpost of Akkad. Marian will continue to explore DAM, ArcGIS, and other content management programs to help organize digital resources for courses.

Ari Livne is a technology intern who has spent a significant portion of the summer researching and testing new Web 2.0 tools for instructional use. Among these tools are presentation tools such as Prezi and Preezo, videosharing websites such as Vimeo and Multiply, and exhibit tools such as Pachyderm and Omeka. In addition, he has worked on several projects for Prof. Kamari Clarke (ANTH). He built a video blog for her fall course: “New Directions in Legal Anthropology”, and did a design revision of her “Oyotunji” database website.

Rico Rodriguez is the hardware tutorial and communications intern of i3 and ITG. When not building/blogging about/tinkering with Steadycams and Light Kits (or getting shocked by the latter), Rico is compiling, synthesizing, and editing video and audio footage for a series of upcoming i3 and ITG promotional and spotlight pieces. Rico has also created several splash pages for the i3 website, using Pixelmator – an open-source substitution for Photoshop.

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