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We’ve Missed You

Color photo of hand-made origami card reading "welcome back"No, really! It’s been great to take a hiatus from blogging for ITG, but it just isn’t the same without being able to talk to you. Yes, you. And you, and you, and . . . especially you, there, in the back.

What did you do on your winter recess? We all had a mostly restful time. Some of us left the country to visit family, some of us went farther north in this country and ended up needing to replace a chunk of our car’s clutch the day before our birthday. (This second one was not me.) We all disconnected for a little while and are ready to start the term.

What are we seeing on the horizon for this term? For one thing, we’re going to start rolling out in this space more information about what’s happening with Yale Academic Commons. We haven’t done a great job keeping the Yale community using WordPress updated with when we add or retire Themes or Plugins, nor with when we are upgrading the WordPress core and what the major changes are with that core upgrade, and that’s going to get better. For another, we’re undertaking some strengthening of our group’s ability to work in certain areas of contemporary academic technology, most notably GIS. In collaboration with GIS specialist Stacey Maples of the Yale Library, Alina and Trip are going to raise their own skill levels and assemble a small handful of workflow patterns for some kinds of GIS work so that you can incorporate thinking about it more quickly and easily into your pedagogy or coursework. Finally, in March we are planning a showcase for some of the work faculty do in their classrooms with mobile devices, primarily iPads. This event will likely take place toward the end of March in the TEAL classroom at 17 Hillhouse Ave., and will give you a chance not only to talk to peers about how they make the most of mobile affordances, but also to try out some mobile devices and consider whether/how you might integrate them into your teaching.

These are just a few of our undertakings for Spring 2014, but we’ve always got more irons in the fire. We’re also always open to hearing what the Yale community thinks is important. What gaps are there in your pedagogy or coursework that academic technology might address? What great tools or processes do you use now that more people should know about? Tell us in the comments or at itg@yale.edu.

[Creative-Commons Licensed Image via Flickr user joybot]


I set up the ITG-TimeCapsule on Friday, so I decided to post the screen capture demos here that I made with Jing. I explain how to join the wireless network, connect to the printer (Dewback), and configure TimeMachine to back-up to the TimeCapsule. The screen captures are as follows:

How to join the ITG-TimeCapsule:


How to configure the ITG printer:


How to configure TimeMachine to back-up to the TimeCapsule: